For the late Parasmal Jain, the journey began with his field camera pitch forked on a tripod in the 30 s. A British officer loved the photographs clicked by this amateur photographer so much that he named it Victory. Parasmal’s hobby became his career and paved the way for establishing VICTORY STUDIO, As one of the oldest photo studios in Triumulgheery, Victory is also the official photographer for the AOC centre since 1950. “One cannot talk about Triumulgheery without mentioning Victory” says Rajinder Jain, grandson of Parasmal Jain with pride.
And is not just one victory actually but several others carrying the same name. "There are 13 branches of victory run by my brothers, uncle and I, except for one at Asif Nagar which does not carry a victory name.We started off in a ramshackle rack in our house and now we operate from swanky showrooms," says he. From Basheerbagh, SP road to Dharam karam Road (Ameerpet) victory has spread wide. Victory photographers have clicked for different occassions but it capturing special moments of the men in uniform which has given them almost satisfaction ." It is 55years that we have been clicking pictures at AOC centre. From first commandant from 2001-2005, We have been a part of AOC all along. Be it the passing out parade, welfare parties, pictures for all their functions,"says he. rajinder feels, photography is more than a bussiness and is intimately tied up with their lives. "Just like the area Trimugherry with which we share a close bond. The place has really made us victorious," smiles he bringing to fore the enterprising spirit of secbad. Explaining his point he says, "Secunderabad has twin bussiness advantages. Besides its residents from Siddipet, Adilabad and other Telangana districts have added to the booming bussiness here." For these memory storers , Saying cheese, is more than a way of life. And they are happy that "Victory" has just made Secunderabad,s history a bit richer!.
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